It’s muddy so I’m moody…

I hate cloudy days.  Ok, well “hate” might be a little extreme, but sometimes I really, really, really don’t like dreary days.  They make my mood dreary.  This is one reason why I don’t like winter.  I don’t mind the cold so much – unless it gets really, superduper cold, but it’s the short days I don’t like.

I  could never make it in Alaska in the winter time.  30 days of night would send me over the edge (and I’m not talking about the movie).

I need bright sunshiny days.  Even if it’s so cold outside nothing wants to move, if it’s bright and sunny, I’m good.  If I can open the blinds and see rays of sunshine dancing on my floor and walls, my soul smiles.

Lately, though, it seems to be cloudy and/or rainy almost every day.  My back yard is a mud pit.  Not quite to Woodstock ’94  standards, but it’s nasty.  Having two dogs that need to go out in the mud doesn’t really help my mood either.  Finally, yesterday, Trey and I just couldn’t take it any more.  We left the dogs outside for the majority of the day, knowing they’d need baths before they came back inside.  Good thing dogs are dogs and didn’t care about the mud because I would see them tearing after each across the muddy backyard.  I think they needed the time outside.

Charlie was so muddy, though, her black coat looked a little brown.  Yuck.

So we washed them – they did NOT like that – and now they’re clean and I don’t want to let them back out in the mud pits.  But I digress.

I looked at the 10 day outlook for our area and I saw 5 days of sun – in a row – on their prediction!  I’m doing the happy dance!!  I don’t think it’ll be enough sun for the back yard to recover from the abuse of two young dogs, but my mood will definitely be better suited to deal with the mess.


2 thoughts on “It’s muddy so I’m moody…

  1. I guess I am your opposite then. I don’t mind cloudy days but I HATE the cold. Maybe it is because I am from Florida, but cloudy days usually mean “storm” and I really love storms.

    I definitely feel colder if it is cold AND cloudy, so in that case I guess I prefer cold and sunny…but only if those are my only options.

    • I guess maybe I should clarify – sometimes I like the rain, often I like thunderstorms, but when it seems to go weeks without sunshine, that’s when I get moody. The mud just makes it worse.

      And if it’s cold and sunny, I’m good with that. I can always add layers 🙂

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