Our Christmas timeline

Christmas Eve

3:00 pm – Christmas eve service at our church (we have 5 different services – it’s a big church)

5:30 pm – dinner

6:15 pm – out to see a Christmas light display – very cool, by the way

7:30 pm – home and get the kids in bed.  Little Man fell asleep on the way back, so he was easy.

8:30 pm – start wrapping the last few presents to wrap and prepare for Santa’s arrival

11:00 pm – bedtime – early this year!

Christmas Day

2:30 am – Monkey comes in and wakes us up to see what Santa brought.  She is sent back to bed.

2:45 am – Monkey comes back in the room because she hears something strange.  It’s our Puppy – he wasn’t in the crate last night.  She returns to bed.

3:00 am – our 55 pound Puppy jumps on the bed and wedges himself between Trey and I.  For the next 30 minutes or so, he sleeps, then shifts, then stands and turns, then shifts again.

3:30 am – I kick him out of the bedroom and close the door.

4:30 am – Monkey returns to my side of the bed and asks if we can go see what Santa brought.  I threaten her life and future toys and tell her I better not see her before 6:00 am

6:00 am – Trey wakes me up before Monkey does.

6:03 am – Monkey comes down the hallway

6:05 am – Trey goes to wake up Little Man.

6:10-7:15 am – present wrapping is destroyed and toys are being played with.

7:30 am – there is not a thing left to open.

Merry Christmas!


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