Showing my age

Speaking of ages and old things, I must be getting old.  I got a gift card to iTunes for Christmas and I’ve been browsing the music store trying to figure out what I want to buy.  The thing is, I love most kinds of music and I really have a hard time narrowing it down to what is essentially 2 albums worth.  On a side note, it’s funny how they’re still called albums.  I’m old school enough that “albums” is equated with the vinyl record albums of long ago.  Do stores even still sell these?  But I digress.

Back to the old age thing.  I used to be very “hip” and “knowledgeable” about different kinds of music.  I worked at Tracks for a long time and loved finding new musical treasures.  My home music CD library was packed to the rafters with all kinds of genres.  One of my favorite genres was what was then called Alternative Rock.

Not any more.

I clicked on the Alternative link for the iTunes store and do you know how many bands I recognized?  One.  Out of all of the ones listed on the front page.  One.  The Decemberists.  And that’s only because Trey listens to them.  Really, I feel my age.  I’m sure most of the twenty-somethings of today know all of the bands and then some.  They wouldn’t be on the Best Alternative Albums of 2009 if they weren’t being listened to.

I think I’ll sneak over to the section for the thirty-somethings-getting-close-to-forty-who-still-have-delusions-about-being-cool-and-listening-to-current-Alternative-music and see what they have to offer folks like me.


8 thoughts on “Showing my age

  1. haha, my hubs always talks about how much music has changed. i catch him listening to stuff from high school!(ok, so he’s only pushing 33, but HE thinks he’s old!!)

    • Every once in a while we’ll catch ourselves listening to the 80’s channel on satellite radio. It’s great fun remembering all those hits from high school but he’s right, the music really has changed.
      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog… I love when I know someone actually reads what I write!

    1) I decided to bowl (on Wii) for exercise yesterday…. much more rewarding to see a score when you are done sweating and your legs are rubber… instant gratification!

    2) Yes- you can still buy albums… they are making a comeback along with record players- or turntables as the are now called. My 20 yo son wanted one for Xmas … and I figured WooHoo! I can listen to my vinyls now!

    3) Alt Rock… ahhhh… I remember the days…
    and No, it is not the same, but as long as you avoid the SCREAMO alt rock you will find some really good artists… sample them at YouTube… I love Linkin Park and The Killers… they are more mainstream now, but still very good– DePeche Mode is still my fave…

    Sorry, My age is showing 😉

    Have fun finding new music to love!

    • Sounds like your music and my music blend well together. I really dig Linkin Park and DePeche Mode, but admittedly, I’m not as familiar with The Killers. I’m guessing we’re of a comparable age.
      I love bowling on the Wii! Although our Wii has been on the blink for a while and we haven’t played. It’s a fun one :).
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. I have definitely noticed that I know less about current music and bands than I used to…except for when it comes to Lady Gaga.

    I just happened to hit the Lady Gaga train early and fell in musical love.

    I think part of it was being in the middle of nowhere for so long. I am definitely getting back into listening to the radio again!

    • I do admit, however, that I am pretty “current” on country and crossover but sometimes I like to get back to my alternative roots and listen to what the “cool kids” are listening to.

      I must admit, though, I’m not on the Lady Gaga train. I think I’m familiar with one, maybe two of her songs?

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