It’s cookie time again!

Yes, it’s Girl Scout cookie time again.  It’s the time of year when moms, dads and daughters bumrush family and friends, neighbors and coworkers, and complete strangers begging them to buy a little piece of heaven known as the Girl Scout Cookie.

Prizes for selling large amounts of cookies are dangled like carrots in front of young idealistic (and not so realistic) young girls.  Unrealistic goals are set by these over-eager daughters of the moms and dads who are the ones that, generally, are behind the collecting of orders.  It becomes the responsibility of the parent to dash the hopes and dreams of their daughter who wants to sell 300 boxes (300 BOXES!), when EVERY OTHER girl friend of said daughter is also selling cookies.

Order forms hitch a ride with daddy to work in the hopes that his coworkers will suddenly need two or three times the “normal” amount of cookies, inching ever closer to the goal line of 300 boxes.  (300 BOXES!)

Plans and schemes are hatched involving businesses and neighborhoods and the meaning of “no soliciting” is explained in earnest.  But surely that doesn’t apply to Girl Scout Cookies because EVERYONE loves Girl Scout Cookies, right?

So, yeah, we’re selling Girl Scout Cookies, and Monkey has a goal of selling 300 boxes (300 BOXES!) just so she can earn a cute little Panda bear.  Because she’s 7 and needs an adult with her while out collecting orders, the burden of selling said cookies falls to me, so if you have any ideas of where to go and who to ask, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Just know that, just like last year, I won’t be selling them before January 15th, nor will they be delivered before February 22nd.


2 thoughts on “It’s cookie time again!

  1. I used to love selling Girl Scout Cookies. I sold the most at church.
    Having said that, I do NOT look forward to selling them with my daughter.
    Stopping in from SITS

  2. My dad had this thing about school fundraisers. He absolutely freaking hated them and laid waste to anyone at the school who insisted they were mandatory. (And they tried.)

    What were we talking about? Oh yes, THIN MINTS.

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