Noise, noise, noise

I’ve noticed something lately.  In yet another way have I become like my mother.  I have been driving around without the radio on, asking – no, instructing – the children to not talk.  Shocking, I know.  But with the noise my kids make, working with other people’s children twice a week, noise of everyday life, I feel the need for some quiet time where ever I can find it.  So lately, that’s my car.

Have you ever noticed just how noisy life has become?  All around you there’s noise, NOISE, NOISE! (Am I the only one who heard the Grinch just then?)  Cell phones, TV’s, radios, cars, horns, alarms, dogs, cats, engines, ipods, sirens, construction, computers.  Noise is everywhere.  I mean, right now, Little Man is upstairs kicking the table while he eats his snack.  Monkey can’t seem to keep from talking.  Ever.  Except when her nose is in a book or her DS game.  The dogs are continuing their growling debate over who’s in charge.

Even at night, after the kids go to bed, there’s the noise of the TV and the supersonic boom of the commercials that just can’t seem to keep their volume control controlled.  Have we all become so… what’s the word?  Sedate?  Nonchalant?  in our lives that we have to have our eardrums pounded with noise just to grab our attention?

Maybe it’s because I live in the city, but I’m tired of being surrounded by noise.  Ok, wait, that’s not entirely true.  Some “noise” I like.  I like to hear children playing in the neighborhood (even though we don’t have many in our ‘hood); I like to hear Little Man and Monkey playing together – that is, right up until they start screaming at each other and somebody ends up crying – usually Monkey.  I don’t mind the sound of the rain falling or a fire crackling in the fire place.

But sometimes, I want to be out in the country, on my screened in back porch, rocking along and reading, listening to the “silence” that can only be found outside city limits.  I even like the cascading noise of the cicadas.

But in the meantime, don’t ask to listen to any music in my car and if you want to talk to me you might have to ask me to take out the ear plugs first.


2 thoughts on “Noise, noise, noise

    • It is possible, but not very often. I usually get no more than a couple of minutes of silence in the car before one or both start talking. Unless they’re really tired and then I’ll get a little longer.

      When at home, the only thing guaranteed to get me quiet from both of them is to let them watch a movie. Monkey loves to read, so she’s easily guided to a book for quiet time. Little Man will sometimes play quietly in his room but even that’s all relative.

      I keep telling myself that in the not too distant future, they’ll both be teens and locked in their rooms and I’ll never see their faces. Sometimes I like that thought, but mostly, I know I’ll miss this age.

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