Homeschool update – half way done!

It’s January and remarkably close to February.  I’ve been a homeschooling mom for about 5 months now.  I don’t think I’ve ruined Monkey yet, but there’s still time.

I have learned a few things about myself during this time.  I’m not very good at following through on some things.  My lesson plans aren’t so much plans as they are just the idea of something I want to get done at some time or another.

Thankfully, the enrichment program that Monkey is attending handles many of the tougher subjects for me like music, science and yes – art.  Ironic, I know.  I have a degree in art.  I should be able to teach art, but I’m no so good at it.  So, I’m thankful that part of her education is taken care of at the enrichment program.

Monkey is a voracious reader.  I’ve been keeping a list of all the different books she has read since we started school back in August.  Admittedly, I have missed a few and didn’t write them down, but I have listed over 125 books.  The cool thing is that these are not simple books.  These are articulate chapter books and non-fiction books.  I love that she loves to read.

She’s getting a very strong math and language arts base, learning about ancient world history and we practice a little writing.  Right now, we’re using the Writing With Ease curriculum, but I’ll be honest, people.  I’m not completely sold on how this program will teach Monkey to be a creative writer.  She wrote better stories last year with her original first grade teacher.

We’ve started a new ongoing project, though, that I’m kindof proud of.  I’m sure it’s not original, but it’s getting her to read biographies and remembering some of what she reads.  She reads a book then writes in her notebook 5 facts she remembers about that person.  In my mind, it’s helping her learn about important people in history and teaching her to glean important information from what she reads.  Whether or not it’s actually working that way remains to be seen.

I still worry, though, about gaps in her education.  Is she learning everything that she’s supposed to be learning right now?  How will she perform on her scholastic test in 2 months?  Is she really comprehending all that she is reading?

I guess we’ll find out in a couple of months, huh?  Like I said at the beginning, there’s still time yet for me to ruin her.


5 thoughts on “Homeschool update – half way done!

  1. Aww, no worries! It sounds like you’re doing a bang-up job @ homeschooling. Seriously.
    I sometimes think that is the ideal situation. A more flexible curriculum and suited to the child. Yes, all the standards, but some leeway as well.

    You are too funny….LMAO at ‘there’s still time yet for me to ruin her’…LOL, somehow I think that’s not going to happen:)

  2. You are new at this! 5 months is not really that long a period of time. You can tweak your program as you go.

    And the best part about home schooling is that you are teaching HER, not teaching the test. So so so important.

    • I agree – I don’t like teaching “to the test” as they say, but when she takes the test, I want to make sure she knows what she’s supposed to know, ya know? 🙂

  3. thanks so much for stopping by my blog SITSta! It sounds like you are doing a fine job with your kids. I am a full-time teacher myself, and know how important that individualized attention is for learning, especially in the early years.

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