Explosions and crashes

Can someone out there please explain to me the boy’s obsession with crashes and explosions?  Everything Little Man touches ends up in some kind of exploding crash.  Supersonic Bad Guy Blasters are made from Legos or even Lincoln Logs.  Spit flies from his lips as the sound effects flow freely for those exploding bad guys.  Did I tell you that over Thanksgiving, one of his teachers asked Little Man what he was thankful for?  Spiders was one and exploding bad guys was the other.  Yep, all boy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he’s broken parts of his transformers while in the middle of some tirade against an invisible enemy.  Good thing they’re built to “break” at the joints.  I’m guessing the prototypes of the toys actually got broken a few times before the powers that be designed them to literally come apart at the seams.

He’s such a nut, that boy.  I just wish he’d quit exploding and crashing things in the loudest parts of the house.  They’re hurting my ears….


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