Waking up with enthusiasm

Little Man has a new thing.  It’s waking up happy.  No, that’s not right, not happy – elated.  No, that’s not right either.  Ok, so maybe I can’t my words right, but I think you get the idea.  No?  Well, here, let me explain.

Three mornings ago, he burst from his room, running down the hall yelling something.  I have no idea what.  It could have been “BONZAI” and it would have totally fit.  Normally, I hear him rustling in his room as he’s waking up, turning on the light, that sort of thing.  Oh, no.  Not this morning.  Why bother with such trivialities as lights when life is waiting for you?

Two mornings ago, I heard him before he reached his closed door.  “Wah HOO!  Wah HOO!”  He opened his door and practically danced into our room, chanting “wah hoo!”  I asked him why he was in such a good mood and he tells me, quite frankly and in that how-can-you-really-ask-me-that tone, “Because it’s morning-time.”

This morning was a duplicate of two mornings ago.  “Wah HOO” echoes down the hall and Little Man celebrates another day.

Shouldn’t we all be that way?  Shouldn’t we all wake up with joy in our hearts and celebrate the new day?  It’s another gift; another opportunity to get things right; another opportunity to connect with a friend or family member.  For this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Right?

I think tomorrow I’ll shout “Wah HOO” when I wake up.  Especially if I see 6 inches of snow on the ground 🙂


10 thoughts on “Waking up with enthusiasm

  1. WAAAAA HOOOOO! I like it, I might start that, though my hubs would probably kill me. I think I like Bonzai. That sounds like a great one. I’m going to get my boys up with that one from now on. I can just picture them running down the stairs attempting to throw karate kicks screaming bonzai. I love it. It’s a new way to look at the day. Thanks for this, you may have just changed my life.


    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I’ll be back here for sure soon!

    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner?

  2. wahoo! if only my girls would wake up that way. alas. they’re not morning peeps. they’re more like wahoo in the middle of the day… when i’d just prefer them to nap.

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