The art of car stacking

I have two beautiful, creative and competitive cousins.  We visited their family after Christmas this year for the first time in quite a while and it was wonderful to hang out with them.  It was quite a big gathering with all the aunts, uncles and cousins that were there and the kids – boy did the kids ever have a good time.  It was wonderful!  But back to the sisters who are my cousins.  The two Little Men got matchbox cars as part of their Christmas gifts and they would play with them for a while then run off to find some other trouble to get into adventure and leave the cars in the family room.

The sisters decided to have a little fun.

First, the younger sister tried to stack three  cars and a helicopter.

Well, not to be outdone, the older sister stacked a set.

This went on for a little while, going back and forth between the two, and although I took several pictures, not too many of them turned out nice enough for me to post.  I’m not so good at low light macrophotography just yet.

Finally, big sis did it.

She made the bigger stack.

Car stacking is a gift.


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