The Empire Strikes Back

I have to tell you, Little Man cracks.  me.  up.

Just the other night he had me in tears, TEARS I tell you, with something completely innocent that he asked.  Now, to be truthful, while what he said was funny, it probably wasn’t THAT funny, but I was trying really hard to hold the giggles in so he wouldn’t think I was laughing at him.  When you try and keep giggles contained, they become like tribbles.  There’s just no containing them.

We were watching The Empire Strikes Back and Han Solo is being put in the carbon freezing chamber.  Little Man was very concerned about it.  He started asking, “What are they doing?  Why is he going in there?”

As they lifted Han Solo out, Little Man’s final question sent me tumbling over the edge of laughter.

“Why did they make him a chocolate bar?”

This story was also shared over at, a fun new website with… well… funny things kids say.  Check it out for giggles and laughs.


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