Stephen King – Under the Dome

I have a new addiction.  Well, maybe addiction isn’t the right word.  How about passion?   No, too strong.  Hobby, perhaps.  Yeah, that could be it.  It’s reading.  Well, not reading but listening.

I love listening to books.  The beauty of listening to books is that I can get so wrapped up in a story while I’m completing mundane chores like cleaning or cooking and it eats up the miles when traveling.  It’s the ultimate in multitasking.  I’ve read listened to the first 4 books of The Dresden Files (LOVE these!) and had them read to my by James Marsters.  Yes, Spike read to me and it was wonderful!  I was enraptured by The Host by Stephenie Meyer, which was NOTHING like her Twilight series.  I chased lost symbols with Dan Brown.  Daniel Silva, Gayle Lynds, Brad Thor took me on CIA and covert military missions and Orson Scott Card is the ultimate in science fiction.

Which leads me to my latest book, Under the Dome by Stephen King.  I’m only about half way through the 35+ hour narration but it has become my newest favorite book.  It’s not the horrific Stephen King – at least not yet – like Carrie or Cujo, but it has been a great study on how normal everyday people can become horrific.

Stepping aside from the storyline for a minute, one of the things I love about King is his ability to bring in contemporary and even obscure references.  A character was wearing a Donna the Buffalo shirt – I had to laugh when I heard that.  There was a mention of Stephenie Meyer and a reference to Lost, I think.  And honestly, having someone read the story aloud brings the characters to life in a way that reading never could.  But it’s not like watching a movie.  The characters are still built in my mind without being given to me as actors.  Only the accents are different with each character.  This is the first time I’ve even listened to a King book and I have to say, with the right narrator, I think his stories are made for narration.

I would love to be able to sit down with King and just talk to him.  He has such a gift for building characters and stories and leaving teasing little tidbits about what’s coming next.  One of the things that amazes me about him is that he never seems to run out of ideas.  He’s written so many books that one would think his creative river would run dry – and maybe it does on occasion – but yet he still manages to bring out new and creative storylines.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to hang out with him.

Now, if only I could figure out how to listen while blogging and teaching and playing….


2 thoughts on “Stephen King – Under the Dome

  1. I stopped reading Stephen King BECAUSE he has a gift for making everyday normal seeming people have evil sides to them! I couldn’t take it any longer!

    You should go back and read lots of his other stuff. Carrie was his first book. Most of his books are not like Carrie and Cujo.

    I love his reading voice.

    Also, IMO King’s gift is dialogue. I could never write meaningful dialogue like he does. He’s a master.

    • I’ve read tons of his books, Richard Bachman, too, and I just can’t get enough. Duma Key was the last one I had read before Under the Dome and that was my favorite of his before this latest one, but I’ve loved The Stand, It, his collaborations with Peter Straub, The Dark Tower series… I could go on. You’re right that most of his books aren’t like Carrie and Cujo but for some reason, it seems most people go straight to the horror stuff when they think of him. And you’re spot-on about his dialogue, as well. He is a master.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂 I appreciate it!

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