Hot Lava and kids

It’s funny, the things children get obsessed and excited over.  And the funny thing is, they  haven’t changed in generations.  Girls love horses.  Boys love cars.  Both love dinosaurs.

I remember loving horses and dinosaurs.  I had a really cool book about dinosaurs that I loved until the spine was cracked and broken, peeling away in strips.  I remember that book clearly although I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 at the time.  I also remember obsessing over horses for YEARS until I was old enough to drive and then the horse that I was promised for when I turned 16 became a car because sometimes priorities change when you’re a teenager.  New industrial age transportation becomes way cooler than the frontier style.

But this isn’t about horses and dinosaurs.  It’s about hot lava.  I really would like to know what DNA trait causes children to turn any flat surface that they can walk on into hot lava.  This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned hot lava before.  I’ve talked about it when talking about the kids’ imaginations but hot lava seems to be a hot topic these days.  And not just with my kids, either.

I was working the other night at the Y and we were finally able to play outside with the kids (weather has been crappy around here for the last few weeks) and hot lava was in play.  Again.  It wasn’t even Monkey or Little Man who brought it up.  It was another child.  The game of tag was involved, too.  Something about “this is base” and “this is hot lava” and “this is where you can get tagged” or some such boundary.

I remember dodging hot lava as a kid, my kids (and other children, too) dodge hot lava and I’m sure my grandchildren will, too.  But I really would like to know what is it in a child’s DNA that produces this obsession and is it only in children who don’t live in Hawaii where they may actually see hot lava and know what it really is?


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