Homeschool update

photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom

It’s that time of year again.  Time to research and start buying curriculae for next year.  We’re already about four or five chapters away from finishing Story of the World: The Ancients and Monkey wants to keep going with the second text now instead of wait until the fall.  That’s first on my list.  I’m going to continue using Christian Light Education for her math and language arts, but I really do need to buckle down with her writing.  I picked up a Writing Strands level 2 book, but honestly, I’ve been slack about using it.  Hopefully next year, I’ll be a little more on top of things with that.  I also need to find a reading curriculum for her.  I have no idea what level to consider her, but she’s just finished reading The Lightning Thief.  She’s read through the first nine books of Nancy Drew and really, just about anything else I hand her, she’ll read.

We’ve been practicing for her standardized testing which will happen in a couple of weeks.  She’ll be taking the Stanford Achievement Test 10 at the umbrella school where she is registered.  I haven’t really been “testing” her all year in anything else (she has regular tests in math and LA) so this practice is geared more towards getting her used to taking tests.  It’s worked out well, so far.

So, back to my list of things for her for 3rd grade.  Here’s what I have written down:

  • Math:  CLE level 3
  • LA: CLE level 3
  • History: Story of the World 2
  • Science:
  • Writing:
  • Reading:

Extras, like geography, art, foreign language, health, American History (this would be mostly reading books like Little House on the Prairie, Sign of the Beaver and The Secret Soldier), have yet to be determined in what capacity I’ll be teaching.  It isn’t cheap to homeschool.  Many of these things can be found used, but that takes a lot of time, checking and rechecking For Sale posts, and a little bit of luck.  Some of it has to be ordered new (because they’re consumables) and some I can, thankfully, borrow from a friend whose daughter is finishing 3rd grade this year.

It’s time to break out that Rainbow Resources catalog that is as thick as a big city yellow pages and start flipping…


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