earning Girl Scout patches

Monkey has had a very active year this year in Girl Scouts.  I’m drowning in patches.  It’s a good thing, though, because she’s been getting out and doing things that she wouldn’t normally do because, well, because I’m sometimes a lazy parent and don’t really feel like doing things.  There.  I said it.  Don’t get me wrong, we do fun things together but often “maybe next time” comes out instead of “sure!”

Hey, at least I’m honest, right?  But I digress.

She’s having a great time, too.  They meet on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00.  Starting this past January, I’ve been working Tuesday mornings until 1:00 and if Monkey doesn’t get her school work done while I work, it makes for a long afternoon between work and Girl Scouts.

One Tuesday – I think it might have been last Tuesday – Monkey chose to leave her backpack at home that morning and couldn’t get her work done.  On the way home from work, I explained to her that she would have to finish her school work before we left for Girl Scouts or we wouldn’t go.  Time would be short and we still had to do the other lessons that we normally save for after I get home from work.

She didn’t like that much.  She got upset and started apologizing for leaving her backpack at home.  I understood where she was coming from and told her as much but school still needed to be done before Girl Scouts.  We went back and forth with this and tears started to flow.

“But what if I miss a patch?”

Little Man had remained quiet during all this but then he says,  “I guess you’ll earn a crying patch.”

My expression must have been priceless because when I glanced back behind me, Monkey started laughing.


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