Painting cabinets

This past weekend has been a working weekend.  Trey and I decided to tackle something that has been needed in our house for a while.  New cabinets.  Well, since we aren’t really getting new cabinets, we thought we’d paint the ones we have, thus giving them a new look.  Did you know that painting cabinets is a great big pain in the rear?  Well, now you do.  It’s tedious and time consuming and messy and tedious.  Did I mention tedious?

After two full days and a third most-of-the-day, we’re still working on finishing the upper cabinets.  We did get them to the point where the contents can be returned to the cabinets and now all we have to finish are the doors.  But did you catch that?  The upper cabinets, not all the cabinets.  We now have a bi-colored kitchen.  Upper  cabinets are white, although they don’t have doors on them yet, and lower cabinets are still brown.  It’s a great look, let me tell you.

I’m not sure when we’ll get to the lower cabinets.  Hopefully not too long because it really does look funny.  We’ll just have to make sure we set aside more than just a weekend to get it done.


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