Teaching the Birds and the Butterflies

This is probably going to be the last “Monkey story” post I have in a while.  She’s reached the point where she doesn’t want to see anything she does that I think is funny and cute posted.  Although there have been times when she tells me, “You should totally blog about that,” I’m sure this wouldn’t be one of them.  But this particular story is too cute.

Monkey got a butterfly garden from her Mawmaw and Pawpaw for Christmas.  We chose to wait until springtime to get the caterpillars for the garden to watch them grow.  That was just a few short weeks ago.  We watched the caterpillars grow in their little jar, getting bigger and fatter with each passing day.  After about a week or so, they climbed to the top of the jar to make their little chrysalises (or is the plural “chrysali”?) and then moved them into the little pop-up butterfly cage.  After a few days, the butterflies started emerging.

We enjoyed having little butterflies flutter around for about a week or so.  One night, though, something funny happened.  Monkey came running down the hallway very concerned because two of her butterflies were “stuck together” and they wouldn’t come apart.  Uh Oh.  So we checked on them and she showed me the two.  I acted like it was no big deal and told her I’m sure they’ll be fine.  Check on them in the morning and I’ll bet they’ll be separated.  She wasn’t quite buying it.  She was worried they were going to get hurt.  We talked a few more minutes about it (which just consisted of me telling her, “no, I’m sure they’re fine.  We’ll check on them in the morning,” and finally she let it go and went to bed.

In case you were wondering, butterflies do mate.  And they were gettin’ it on in my daughter’s bedroom.  I suspected that’s what was happening but thanks to dear old Google, I was able to confirm it.

The next morning, they were unstuck.  Monkey never mentioned it again.

A day or two later, though, I finally talked her into releasing the butterflies.  Afterwards, I told her – in as few sentences as possible, but hopefully in a way she would understand without asking me any more questions (because I’m SO not ready for THE TALK) – that our butterflies were going to find a flower to lay eggs on and because she took such good care of five butterflies and released them, there would be many more in the world.  I think she liked that.


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