I’m a pack rat

I’m not yet qualified for Hoarders on A&E but I do tend to be a pack rat.  Especially when it comes to things my kids have made.  I love to save them.  My problem lies in not knowing what to do with them when I get them so I just pile them up on a desk.

This is where they tend to get piled.  And guess what?  It looks like this after I have moved them to the living room to organize.  I’m not a neat person.  It’s something I struggle with daily.

However, I did get an idea from a friend to do with the projects that are special and that I want to keep ~ Mother’s Day cards, hand and foot prints, notes, things like that.  I bought some 8×11″ scrapbooks on sale and I let the kids pick out the style.  Monkey chose blue and Little Man chose baseball, even though he’s never played the sport.

So I started sorting and adding to the books.

This works out nicely because I can close the book and put it on a shelf.  No more pile of papers.  The downside of this is that many of the projects that were made don’t fit in an 8×11 scrapbook.

So, I still have piles.  Yuck.


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