New Year, New Me, New You

Happy New Year!

After almost a 6-year hiatus, I have decided to try and resuscitate my blog from so many years ago.

A lot can happen in six years.  My sweet little daughter has turned into a teenager and is almost unrecognizable at times.  My sweet toddler boy is starting to require showers on a daily basis because, well, he stinks.  At least he’s not eating me out of house and home.  Yet.

But that’s what happens when kids grow up.  They change.  Usually for the better, thankfully.  It’s a rocky time, though, and it’s by far the most difficult challenge I have faced.  And I’ve managed to throw myself at some new challenges in the last few years, too, including finding a new desire for health and fitness.  In 2013, I started taking a class with some friends to get in better shape and lose weight.  I lost a total of 30 pounds, although since then I have managed to gain back some of that.  Maintaining a workout schedule, as well as the challenge of changing a diet for the better, has proven to be significant challenge for someone who loves junk food and being lazy.

But my road to fitness has led me to new friends and new adventures.  2015, I completed my first Spartan Race – a sprint.  2016, I completed my first Spartan Trifecta – a sprint, a super and a beast.  I also finished two laps of a Warrior Dash and a couple of other Spartan sprints.  My daughter completed her first Spartan Sprint, and my son completed his first Spartan Kids Race.  2017, I have a goal of two trifectas, possibly 3, another Warrior Dash, a Savage Race, and it looks like a Ragnar Trail race.  It’s gonna be a busy year.



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