Wordless Wednesday


This is why I can’t have nice things.


Wordless Wednesday, on Thursday ~ Family Portraits

I have a dear friend who takes amazing pictures.  I’ve even shared her YouTube slide show from a mission trip to Nicaragua here.  I asked her a while back to take a few pictures of me and my children for a Father’s Day surprise for Trey.  They turned out wonderfully.  I can’t wait to pick out a few of them and put them on canvas and hang them all over the house.

What can I say?  Trey and I have beautiful children :).

Wordless Wednesday

So, I’m adding a few words to this “Wordless Wednesday” because this requires a brief back-story.  Trey recently bought a new vehicle.  Last week he received an invitation to an open house at the dealer in case he had any questions/concerns about his new truck.

Please note, this invite passed through a copywriter, editor and publisher/printing company.