Just a little pinprick

and there you have it.  A flu shot.  It’s nothing, really.  Just a little pinprick.  But will it save you from suffering from the flu for several days?  Most likely.

I got the flu this week.  Influenza A, as a matter of fact.  One of those “seasonal flus” that they vaccinate for every fall.  Did I mention that I failed to get my flu shot last year?  I didn’t?  Well, let me tell you people ~ go get your flu shots!!  Because I didn’t get one and I got the flu instead.

Take the kids, too.  Mine haven’t had theirs yet and I will be taking them soon.  Let me tell you it is NO FUN when you have the flu.

But, I think, I hope, I’m over it.  The cough is lingering but that’s what they do.  At least the body aches and overall crumminess is gone.

But do you know what happens when you’re sick for 4 days in a row?  Nothing.  No laundry, no grocery shopping, no cleaning, no teaching.  Well, some of that isn’t true.  Trey did some laundry, he cooked, took care of the kids and cleaned up a little behind me with a disinfectant spray because, you know, who wants to catch the flu, right?  The first day he went back to work, I did make a very short trip to the store to get milk and a frozen lasagna and I did manage to get two lessons done for Monkey on Tuesday.

Overall, though, not much got done that I normally do so I have a lot of catching up to do.  Laundry, consignment sale clothes, cleaning, disinfecting, teaching, researching lesson plans, trips to the library, blog posts (but these may have to wait a while).

If you don’t see me for a few days, just understand I’m buried under a mountain of stuff.

Go get your flu shot!  You don’t want to be buried either, promise.


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